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Summer is coming (2016)

Well, hasn’t it been a bit bleak in Perth for some months? But with spring sprung, though I might add, that is questionable today, it is time to dust off the wake board and fishing gear and do what we do best in Perth….hit the water.

This may be to the beach or the river for a family picnic, but small boats can be purchased for very affordable prices, and will be a lifetime of fun if you can get yourself into the wonderful pursuit of boating. You don’t have to go to a boat show and buy brand spankers new. Try Gumtree and Trade-a-boat for folk who have upgraded or have no use for their boat.

After 5 years, I am still very passionate about training and assessing students for their RST. In that time, I have received wonderful feedback from my students, and pride myself in taking the time to ensure their confidence on the water. This can mean basic navigation, docking your vessel or launching and retrieving and simply knowing the rules, so you don’t make an ass of yourself.

Personally, I can’t wait for the crayfish to run, and when not training, I will be attending my pots with no other than Glenn Garbin and his brother the consummate Mike Garbin (King of the Cockburn Sound!!). I have been fishing with these two wonderful characters for 3 seasons now, and the joy of bringing home a catch, most of which I invariably give away to neighbours and friends, is very much what Christmas means to me.

Meanwhile, other folk may just want to cruise the river or nip out to see the Sea Lions at Carnac Island. Whatever it may be you want to pursue, be safe. Here’s to a great season!


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